Invisalign®First for Kids

Invisalign is for little smiles too! Children as young as 9 years old can smile with the same high-quality orthodontic treatment as their parents or teenage siblings.

Children’s mouths may be small, but that doesn’t mean their orthodontic conditions are simple! With Invisalign First treatment at Practice Name, we can correct complex orthodontic conditions that are already apparent and prevent ones that are soon to erupt.

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Conditions Treated with Invisalign First

With Invisalign First, we can:

Why Invisalign First?

Dr. Name chooses Invisalign First, because growing mouths require gentle (yet effective) care. Invisalign First is easy to maintain, comfortable to wear, and accommodating to little patients’ lifestyles.

Special Invisalign aligners are custom-made for each smile and designed to work efficiently, alongside the natural development of the teeth and jaw bones.

Invisalign is removable

Because these clear aligners are removable, Invisalign First will accommodate the permanent teeth as they’re erupting. Clear aligner treatment can prove especially beneficial for young patients who have a mixed dentition of baby teeth and adult teeth.

Invisalign is effective

Invisalign treatment can help to establish a strong foundation for permanent teeth to grow in a beautiful, healthy alignment. Invisalign First aligners are uniquely designed to hold space for permanent teeth to grow before they’ve erupted through the gums. Holding these spaces helps to maintain sufficient room in the mouth to prevent teeth from crowding or overlapping.

Invisalign makes oral hygiene easy

Children can remove their aligners when they eat, brush their teeth, and floss their teeth. This means no food is off limits, and they won’t have to alter their oral hygiene routine to adjust to their treatment. Invisalign First can support young patients as they develop strong oral hygiene habits that benefit their smile for a lifetime.

How do i get Invisalign first?

All you have to do is request your child’s complimentary consultation with us, and we’ll take care of the rest! 

When you visit us, we’ll introduce you to our friendly team and perform a thorough exam at no cost. If orthodontics will benefit your child, we’ll explain the Invisalign process to you and ensure that you feel comfortable and informed. 

Take the first step to achieve the smile you’ve always wanted by requesting your complimentary consultation today.